HOV lanes are FRAUD

Why are there so many HOV [High Occupancy Vehicle] lanes being introduced around the country?

Well, first off the federal mafia government prints money out of thin air then gives the states to construct them. This is all the more reason and proof big government does not work unless your definition of “work” means control. 

Lets face it, HOV lanes have failed because they were never intended to work. How often are you stuck in stand still traffic and the HOV lane is wide open? It’s complete garbage and a waste of money. It about control and getting you use to giving in because the toll roads are coming. They steal your roads and now want to charge you to drive on them.

hov lane scam

HOV lanes are constructed to steal your roadway that you paid for and hand it over to a special class of people…i.e. judges, cops, lawyers, or if you drive a car some ignorant bureaucrat decided was worthy enough to grace its tires on the asphalt.

Furthermore they use HOV lanes as a revenue source with huge fines if you are caught on their sacred road. The highway mafia errrr I mean DPS hangs out in the far left lane and waits for on coming cars to drive by with only 1 occupant and like a snake bam. It a trap, a fraud and its gonna stop!

The lanes were paid for by the people and for the people and the people shall have every right to the lanes!


6 Responses to HOV lanes are FRAUD

  1. Tom W says:

    The police are chartered to protect people. In what way are the police protecting us from keeping single occupant drivers out of the HOV lane? Are they some how more dangerous because they only have one occupant driving in a special lane? If anything they are making us less safe, because traffic is more congested because of the open lane not being used, and the differential in speed between the open land and the grid locked lane.

    Sounds like a good law suite…I’m sure someone has been in an accident because of drivers rushing by in the open HOV lane.

  2. Ben says:


  3. Greg says:

    Thanks you for the site. I hate the HOV lanes. I agree its utter bullshit.

  4. Kevin G says:

    Thank you for doing this. I work north of the 101 and I get so pissed off when I see that lane wide open at 4pm.

  5. Heather Peterson says:

    It is fraud. I cannot believe the state has been getting away with all this crap. We need to do a sign wave 🙂

  6. What if you drive in the HOV Lane with a blow up doll that has a monkey mask on?

    Just kidding. I don’t do much freeway driving, but I am starting to get why HOV lanes are dumb and those hefty fines are pretty suspicious.

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