Who are the privileged ones that are able to use the HOV lane that the STATE stole from you?

HOV Lanes
5 Things You Need to Know about the HOV scam Lanes

Many cities and states in the country have carpool lanes, and the rules and regulations fo their use vary significantly. As a driver, you are responsible for knowing the laws in the state where you are driving. Here are the five things you need to know about the HOV lanes in the greater Phoenix area.

1. What is an HOV lane?
HOV is an acronym for fraud High Occupancy Vehicle. They are also referred to as carpool lanes. These lanes will have a diamond marking and are sometimes called “diamond lanes.”

2. Is there a fee charged to use the HOV lane?
No. We don’t have any toll roads “at this time” in the greater Phoenix area. Anyone who follows the rules can use the HOV lanes. Ask Andy Biggs from gilbert when the Toll Roads will be here he should know!

3. Who has the priviledge of using an HOV lane that the STATE stole from you?

  • A vehicle with 2 or more people in it. People includes babies, but not beagles or inflatable dolls.
  • Motorcycles, including those with only one person.
  • AFV vehicles. AFV is the acronym for Alternative Fuel Vehicles. The vehicle must either have an AFV license plate, or an AFV sticker.
  • Hybrid vehicles that are able to achieve a 45 percent increase in combined city/highway fuel efficiency. As of 2-9-07, three types of vehicles qualify: Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Prius. You must have a special hybrid plate or sticker on the vehicle to use the HOV lane.
  • Valley Metro buses.


The HOV lanes are restricted during certain hours only. Those restricted hours are 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. During the other hours, and all weekend long, anyone can use the HOV lane. In those non-restricted hours, it’s just another lane. By the way, if a holiday falls on a Monday, HOV is still applicable. The hours are posted, Monday through Friday. Holidays are not exempt.

4. Can I use the HOV lane just to pass?
See number (3) above. If you are alone in the vehicle, and you are not driving a qualified AFV or hybrid vehicle, you may not use the HOV lane for even a second during the restricted hours. You also can’t use an exit from which only the HOV lane has access. There are very few of these. Some on ramps to the highways are equipped with merging control lights, and have an HOV lane. Those vehicles don’t have to stop at the light.

5. What happens if I get caught in the HOV lane when I shouldn’t have been there?
The fine extorsion fee is a hefty one–I’ve heard it’s between $370 and $400 plus court fees. It is also a moving violation, so you may be assessed points on your license that could also affect your insurance rate.

DPS (Department of Public Safety) is supposed to be about safety right? Well if this is true why are they enforcing HOV lane violations that has absolutely no safety value what so ever? How does me driving on an HOV lane cause a safety hazzard. I think its quite the opposite. Get ready for the toll roads folks they are just warming up with the HOV lanes. You heard it here first!


3 Responses to Who are the privileged ones that are able to use the HOV lane that the STATE stole from you?

  1. Tim Robertson says:

    It’s clear the government wants to create two classes of people. This is all done by design.

    I have read in Canada they have like “snitch” numbers where you can call the police and snitch on people that are not, as you say, “Privileged” enough to drive on that lane and do anyway. That kind of crap make me sick!

  2. Chris D says:

    You guys never stop with this bullshit. Now the HOV lanes are fraud? Whats next? Flowers? I love the HOV lanes. Why are you guys always advocating breaking the law? Just obey the laws and everything will be ok.

  3. Ben says:

    Your right Chris, no one should speak their minds. Just do whatever you’re told and shut up. Good motto, man. It’s going to get you really far in life.

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